FateNet: The Cassandra Project

A fast-paced, fun science-fantasy, FateNet: The Cassandra Project is a series of novellas about fate, friendship, family, and follies.

When Susan Sun arrives in the tiny town of St. Ariel, she doesn’t expect this job to go any better than the long list of other ones she’s been fired from. But she quickly learns that St. Ariel is a cover-up for a network of seers who are tinkering with the fate of the world, and that her curse to find errors in data (and blurt them out) is exactly the skill they want her for.

Unfortunately, on her first day on the job, Susan accidentally causes a conspiracy to (literally) explode into the open, drowning the town in Feedback–a counter energy created by tangling with the strings of fate. With two groups vying for her loyalties, the town’s landscape changing by the moment, and strange occurrences threatening catastrophe, will Susan survive her first day at work? Will FateNet?

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FateNet: The Cassandra Project is now complete with 5 installments.


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