FateNet 5: The Cassandra Project Now Released!

Susan Seven returns for the fifth and final installment of FateNet: The Cassandra Project….

Five weeks ago, Susan discovered an inconvenient truth about St. Ariel—that it was on the cusp of tearing apart. Since then, most of her friends have suddenly become too busy to spend time with her, she and her crush have been avoiding one another, and many of the high-ranking management at FateNet have been eyeing with with suspicion.

But truths have a way of inconveniently surfacing, and when St. Ariel’s existence begins to unravel and an old enemy returns to town, Susan will have to embrace her role as St. Ariel’s visionary if she’s going to be able to save St. Ariel—and everyone she cares about.

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Here it is! We’ve made it to the end of Susan’s journey.( Or at least this journey.) Thanks for joining us along the way. What’s next? Stay tuned….

Klara x

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