A Girl in Glass, Now Available

My dear readers,

I’m pleased to announce that A Girl in Glass, the second installment of FateNet: The Cassandra Project is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Two months after the events in A Beautiful Day for a Conspiracy, the town of St. Ariel is still in mourning, heartsick over all of the people they lost. Susan is learning to navigate her new role and is just beginning to feel secure (as much as she ever does, anyway) at FateNet.

Then ghostly voices begin driving the haunted seers to harm, interfering with a desperate fate they are trying to change, and Susan must team up with the person she’s been avoiding most–the rehabilitated traitor, Dr. Farai Shelby–to find the source and stop it.

But what Susan soon discovers is that St. Ariel has many ghosts of its own creation… and so does she.


The third installment (which is currently alluding me for a title) will be available in Spring 2017. For advanced announcements, exclusive content, and secret missives, please sign up for my mailing list.

Klara x

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